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Since September 2022, I am a professeur junior at the Université de Bourgogne in Dijon, more specifically at the Institut de Mathématiques de Bourgogne. I am affiliated with the research groups « Géométrie, Algèbre, Dynamique et Topologie » and « Mathématique-Physique ».

From October 2020 to August 2022, I was a postdoc at the University of Copenhagen, where my mentor was Nathalie Wahl.

From January 2022 to August 2022, my position in Copenhagen was supported by a Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship of the European Union. The project has the number 101022691 and was concerned with a differential graded Verlinde formula and its connection to the Deligne's E2-structure on the Hochschild complex.

Before coming to Copenhagen, I obtained my doctoral degree from the University of Hamburg under the supervision of Christoph Schweigert. My doctoral studies were supported by the Research Training Group 1670 of the DFG.

My research lies at the intersection of algebra, topology and mathematical physics and is often concerned with topological field theories in some shape or form. More specifically, my interests are:

  • Topological field theories in dimension three;
  • Modular functors (systems of mapping class group representations), in particular those built from non-semisimple representation categories;
  • Topological cyclic and modular operads, in particular the operads of little disks, handlebodies or surfaces;
  • Higher algebraic structures in the homological algebra of non-semisimple representation categories, in particular differential graded generalizations of modular functors and topological field theories.
  • The significance of all the things above in conformal field theory.
My email address is username (at) with the username being firstname.lastname.

With Adrien Brochier, Gwénaël Massuyeau and Emmanuel Wagner, I am organizing the Journées de topologie quantique, a one-day seminar taking place most likely every few months; it will be alternating between Paris and Dijon (which are one and a half hours apart by TGV). The seminar features three talks on quantum topology (interpreted broadly) over the course of one day.


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  1. Categorified Open Topological Field Theories. With Lukas Müller.
  2. The Lyubashenko Modular Functor for Drinfeld Centers via Non-Semisimple String-Nets. With Lukas Müller, Christoph Schweigert and Yang Yang.
  3. The Dehn Twist Action for Quantum Representations of Mapping Class Groups. With Lukas Müller.
  4. A Classification of Modular Functors via Factorization Homology. With Adrien Brochier.

Publications (accepted, in press, published online and/or in print, ...)

  1. The distinguished invertible object as ribbon dualizing object in the Drinfeld center. With Lukas Müller. Accepted for publication in Selecta Math.
  2. Classification of Consistent Systems of Handlebody Group Representations. With Lukas Müller. Int. Math. Res. Not. rnad178, 2023.
  3. Homotopy Invariants of Braided Commutative Algebras and the Deligne Conjecture for Finite Tensor Categories. With Christoph Schweigert. Adv. Math. 422, 109006, 2023.
  4. The differential graded Verlinde Formula and the Deligne Conjecture. With Christoph Schweigert. Proc. London Math. Soc. 126(6):1811-1841, 2023.
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  6. The Trace Field Theory of a Finite Tensor Category. With Christoph Schweigert. Alg. Rep. Theory, 2022.
  7. Cyclic framed little disks algebras, Grothendieck-Verdier duality and handlebody group representations. With Lukas Müller. Quart. J. Math. 74(1):163-245, 2023.
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